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Preface for English edition

Bobbin lace making is an attractive handicraft for many people all over the world nowadays. It would not be overstatement to say – lace making is on the rise again. This fact explains general interest in any information about lace making including patterns, lace techniques, tools and equipment.
This book is an attempt to consider problems concerning technical support of lace making. The beginners and experienced lace makers need equipment for productive and comfortable labour. First of all it is necessary for them to have pillow sets and devices for winding bobbins. These devices are elucidated here including models published in various books, in the WWW, also author’s original models.

Russian lace makers came across a specific problem that is seemed unknown to somebody else. The essence of the matter is the very thin thread is necessary for “vyatka” laces. They have to get it by untwisting standard “moulinet”. For this reason automation of untwisting takes considerable part of the manual. It is destined in the main to russian readers. However it can quite happen the original constructive decisions arise interest of somebody else. Authors hope that the rest parts of the manual will prove to be useful and interesting not only for russian lace makers.