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In descriptions of equipment for lace making authors of the book evaded questions of economic since all devices were experimental, made in the single exemplar though sometimes in several variants. Our goal was a priciple decision of a technical task only. Price of decision was always secondary. That is why some high cost details and materials were used without any restrictions icluding ball-bearings, aluminium prifile, screw fastening etc. Moreover we borrowed ready units for electrified bobbin winder and even bougt a micro-lathe together with accompanying equipment.
This way is admissable for a domestic master-amateur. The book is addressed to such amateurs. It could have a motto “Make it yourself!”
However in the case of serial production of lace making equipment many technical decisions are to be revised for the benefit of more technological ones. Many materials and details will be replaced for the purpose of cost decreasing. These are problems for professional designers, technologists and specialists in economic of enterprise.