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6.2. Equipment for bobbin turning

Lace bobbin turning is to be equipped as well.

1. Rules of industrial safety are to be fulfilled when turning even if a lathe is miniature. First of all turner eyes must be protected of sawdust flying from cutting tool. Turner with normal eye-sight ought to put on simple goggles (Fig.6.2) or a light mask (Fig.6.3).

Fig.6.2. Protective goggles
Fig.6.2. Protective goggles
Fig.6.3. Protective mask
Fig.6.3. Protective mask

2. It is necessary to have at least two sets of cutting tools – chisels and cutters (Fig.6.4, Fig.6.5).

Fig.6.4. Cutting tools. Set № 1
Fig.6.4. Cutting tools. Set № 1
Fig.6.5. Cutting tools. Set № 2
Fig.6.5. Cutting tools. Set № 2

Other cutting tools are needed for making half-finished productions:

  • – a handsaw with storage of saw blades;
  • – a knife;
  • – a plane;
  • -a set of files.

Of course work will be more productive with electric fretsaw.

3. Cutting tools must be sharp always. Hand grinding is rather tire-some. It is better to buy an electric tool grinder for instance model “Sturm”, BG60126 (Fig.6.6).

4. According to hygiene of turning, work turner’s breathing must be protected of flying sawdust. It is recommended to put on respirator during long-time work. For short-time protection one may use gauze bandage.

The lathe must be protected of sawdust too. The dust accumulates on the lathe bed and on the lathe slab. It is desirable to delete sawdust permanently or at least every time when a lace bobbin has been turnes.

A small vacuum cleaner is quite enough, for instance model “Elenberg” (China) with power 1.2 kwatt.

Fig.6.6. Tool grinder "Sturm" (Germany)
Fig.6.6. Tool grinder “Sturm” (Germany)

The tool grinder and the vacuum cleaner are placed near the lathe. Authors made special “bedside-table” (Fig.6.6) for the grinder and the cleaner. This table has two boxes for cutting tools, measure instruments and other equipment.

5. Turning is controlled with measure instruments [12, 13]:

  • – sliding callipers;
  • – center finder;
  • – square;
  • – ruler;
  • – bobbin templates.

6. The lathe and the sharpening tool are to have normal lighting. Work place is to be equipped with desk lamp of proper power. Position of light source must be easy regulated.

7. A blade of cutting tool has small sizes, so it is recommended when sharpening to put on optical mask for magnification of pattern 2 to 3 times.