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6. Lace bobbin making

Materials of the previous chapters confirm that bobbin lace making is a creative work which can be performed productively at well equipped work place only. It is clear – the second work place is needed to produce the necessary equipment. At the same time new branches of skilful handicraft open. One of them is lace bobbin making.

If lace maker uses a single technique of plating it is better to buy a batch of bobbins. She must not care how bobbins are made. However there are lace makers who like experiments with different regional plating techniques. Naturally they meet problem where from and how to get according bobbins.
Similar problems arise for beginners of lace bobbin plating in some Russian regions. Happy exceptions to the rule are traditional centers of lace plating where people handicrafts are not lost still. Skilful turners are there, they can make bobbins of any type. But it is a big problem to find out a good turner in two Russian capitals nowadays – Moscow and Saint Petersburg. A lot of bobbin lace makers is concentrated there. Our infor-mation is based on visitor statistic of our website It is possible the statistic reflects only high activity in Internet of capital users rather ac-tivity of regional ones. Nevertheless people often ask where they can buy bobbins. Consequently it may happen that somebody will come to idea – is not time to start lace bobbin making?