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3. Equipment for preparation of thread for lace making

3.1. The techniques of thread untwisting

Modern Russian laces are plaited of different threads according to local traditions in provinces. There are bleached and unbleached linen, silk, artificial (synthetical) fibre, cotton thread (“moulinet”), rarely – woolen and metallized thread.
The high quality laces technique demands the finest thread. When fine thread is not available, lace makers are to untwist “moulinet” (Fig.3.1).

Fig.3.1. Clew, "moulinet" and bobbins
Fig.3.1. Clew, “moulinet” and bobbins

The untwisting technique is extremely labor-intensive in domestic conditions. The authors of the book attempted to find own means to solve the problem. Process of “moulinet” untwisting is dismembered at three consecutive operations:

  • – winding of thread out of a skein (a lea) to an intermediate clew;
  • – untwisting of “moulinet” out of the clew at three doubled threads and winding each of them around intermediate spool;
  • – rewinding of the thread out of the intermediate spool to a reel that keeps the thread up to the moment of plaiting (winding on lace bobbin).

Authors made contrivances for each of the operations mentioned above.